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Professional Tools for Brewers

From the master brewer to the home hobbyist we provide innovative instrumentation for beer making. The Beer Line product family includes products for the measurement of pH, plato, and haze. Beer Line is completed with a line of maintenance solutions including specialized cleaning solutions for removing coatings from the sensitive glass surface of a pH electrode

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Portable Meters

Beer Line includes portable meters for pH, turbidity (haze), temperature, and wort analysis with a digital refractometer.


The Beer Line includes handheld meters made specifically for pH measurement during the brewing process. Both meters include a titanium body probe with a flat tip pH
 sensing surface. The flat tip surface is easier to clean than traditional spherical bulbs of a standard pH electrode.

We offer testers including a Halo Bluetooth probe that turns your smart device into a high performance pH meter with features found in  research grade benchtop meters.

Calibration Solutions

Calibration solutions for Beer Line include the turbidity standards used with the haze meter.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions are often overlooked but they are an important part of the measuring system. The sensitive pH glass must be clean for an accurate measurement. A build up on the glass will change the measured potential in the solution. This build up can be hard to discern with the naked eye but has an impact on the measurement. If a probe is calibrated when there is a coating and the coating changes in the solution then the calibration is no longer valid and measurements not accurate. It is important to periodically clean the pH electrode to maintain it in the optimal condition.