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Industrial Flat Tip pH Electrode with PTFE Junction – HI1006-5m (16.4′)-BNC-HF – Hydrofluoric Acid Resistant-None

SGD 779.00

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Hanna presents a series of combination pH and ORP electrodes, including more than 300 models, incorporating over 20 years of electrode manufacturing experience.
The most advanced feature of this series is the electrode shape with a flat tip, virtually eliminating deposits that can foul the electrode, significantly reducing necessary maintenance. This characteristic makes flat tip electrodes ideal for continuous in-line monitoring and for solutions containing aggressive chemicals.

  • PVDF body
  • Self-cleaning flat tip sensor for significantly reduced maintenance.
  • Provided with an internal matching pin that can avoid typical problems caused by grounding loop current.
  • 3/4″ NPT external thread on both ends for easy installation